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Reibar Marketing is a digital marketing agency founded by real estate investors for real estate investors.

Our Story

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, we work with real estate companies worldwide to improve their online presence. With years of SEO knowledge and experience, we are committed to providing exceptional communication and delivery to all of our clients.We are constantly working on improving our processes and making the digital marketing process as smooth as possible.

As investors ourselves, we were spending hours every week doing outreach to local blogs, writing articles, and trying to get backlinks to our website. We wished there was an easier solution without taking time away from our real estate business and without having to pay an SEO company thousands of dollars to manage what we were already doing. Once we built the process and put the systems in place for our own company, we realized that other investors suffer from the same problem. There simply aren’t enough hours in the week to build good, white hat SEO links and still commit enough time to your real estate business. This is where Reibar Marketing was born.

Our goal is to do all the heavy lifting for you and implement our white-hat SEO techniques that we have used to rank our websites to number one in multiple markets with tactics that Google and other search engines approve of. Through the process of our SEO team, you can get back to doing what you love, which is spending time focusing on your business and closing more deals.

Our Team

Matt Bigach cofounder of Reibar Marketing

Matt Bigach

Co-founder – Lead SEO

Zach Tetley Reibar Marketing

Zach Tetley

Co-founder – Client Acquisitions

Jeffrey Harrell Project Manager Reibar Marketing

Jeffrey Harrell

Project Manager

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